Saturday, July 12, 2008

What Has Been Going On With Me?

Well, I'll tell ya...Tres Finis (or something like that!). It was a long time coming, but I finally spent my last day in the land where they know not what number goes with which month and needed to make reminders on my desk pad...

I was also inspired to clean out my artsy-fartsy room, my studio, my sanctuary, my eldest daughter's room, which had slowly become a junk room. It was in a little bit of an orderly state until this member of the family arrived unannounced and uninvited. She is a curious sort and I am banning her from my room from here on out (and if youngest daughter does not pay more attention to the litter box, I will be banning her--the cat, not the youngest daughter--from the house. Hubby already has two women at the office who will take her).

I have my magic wand from Mindy handy so that I can use it when needed. I will post better pics of the room eventually. All I have right now is my phone camera.

When I left my job Friday, Mama Boss (there were three bosses, Mama Boss, Papa Boss, and Son Boss) had put a moon pie in my purse. I learned from her (among other things, some of them not so pleasant) how delicious moon pies are when heated up in the microwave for about twenty seconds. However, if you watch the marshmallow filling jiggle as you bring it to the table, you might not want to eat very many of them, because you will have in your mind the image of your own body parts jiggling like marshmallow filling!

When I arrived home from my last day of work, there was a box on my doorstep with a little pot in it. What a fitting tribute to the end of my career at the paint and body shop! Thanks Cynthia, for the pot!

It feels good to look at this pot and know that I was finally able to "turn the knob" and make a choice to do what I needed to do for my own sanity.

The complete quote is "If it is dark, it really doesn't help to know that light is on the other side of the door. It is a blessed relief if just one person opens the door a crack for you. Turn the knob."

I just love that quote. Cynthia wrote in a prayer journal at her church. It says so much about hope and light. Sometimes that is all a person needs is just a little crack in the door to help them know they can move from their darkness toward hope and light.

And last, but not least, here is a small thing I did in my journal using one of my calendar doodles. I knew I had this but I did not find it until I did all my cleaning.

Sadly, there are a few other things I have not found yet. One is my "Bird by Bird" book by Anne Lamott. Hopefully it will turn up soon. I try to make good use of the library and keep the number of books I own to a minimum but if this book does not turn up, I will buy a replacement copy. The other thing I can't find is a group of old photos someone sent me as extra stuff in a swap several years back. There was one photo in there that reminded me of myself. I know I stuck those photos somewhere, but so far I have not found them.

This reminds me of another story I could tell of something (trivial) being lost (in my memory) and then being found, but since this seems to be a long post, I think I will save that for another day.

I am woefully behind on my blog reading and hope to catch up this weekend. Seems all my favorite bloggers have had lots to say!

(My apologies for the quality of the photos. My good camera is not here at the moment and these are all phone camera photos.)


  1. I'm really happy for you and your new job! You'll be great at it!! You be a voice of down-to-earthiness in a world of lofty silliness. hee hee! It'll be a perfect fit.

    Looooove the kitty picture. How could you not love a face like that???

  2. Congrats on this NEW BEGINNING!!!

  3. I think this is just absolutely wonderful fro you! I love the pot Cynthia did and the quote is awesome...had to save that one. It is beautiful. Here's to more knob turning and opening doors for all of us!! Have a blissful weekend.

  4. by the by, I'm glad to know nuking moon pies is the only thing you learned from those folks...the calendar is a hoot! You really do have to see it to fully appreciate it, and I thought I was numerically impaired. Jiminy Pete...

  5. For gosh sakes - find that book (Bird by Bird)!!

  6. Rach Thanks for the confidence! I am so ready for this!...And if that cat cracks my pot, well it ain't gonna be purty. I can tell you that much!

    Beth Thank you very much!

    Ayekah Thank you ma'am! You know I learned more from those folks, but some of it is best forgotten! On to more positive happenings! I'm glad I got the guts to do what I needed to do.

    Candis I still have not found my book, dang it! Surely it will turn up eventually...

  7. Moon pie are something I remember eating as a kid back in the fifties with an RC cola. Didn't know they were still around. Also didn't know you were an Anne Lamott fan. I have a couple of her books, but don't think I've read the one you're looking for....

  8. LOL!!!!! Guess where my magic wand is?!! On my work table... stuck to my lamp! It's been there since I got it! I smile every time I sit down there and see it and now I will even more because I know exactly where yours is too, lol.

  9. JimBird by Bird might be one of her first books, it's mostly a book about how to write. I do love her outspoken and unapologetic style.

    Flutterby That is too uncanny!! Princess Mindy has been so busy with her house, she has not been by. Little does she know what an inspiration she is!

  10. LOL...Y'all talked about me!! I am so glad you still have your wand. I thought that was just a little thing when I sent it. I glad that it is a little thing that means something.

    And darlin' YOU are the inspiration.


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