Saturday, July 19, 2008

Here's How the First Week Went Down

My first week working for the state government, and the first time I did anything remotely resembling work was Friday (but don't tell anybody!). From what I understand, I will make up for it when the fall semester begins. I am told students will be lined up out the door to see me. I guess that means I will be the first line of defense for the professors??

Anyway, thus far, I love the new job. I did do a few necessary things during the week that qualify as work, I suppose--attended new hire orientation, received my ID (with a terrible picture!), bought a parking pass, learned about the insurance choices I have to make, and the retirement choices that are made for me (we don't participate in social security, we have a state retirement plan), got a key to the "magic kingdom"--the building and the office (but I still need to get my key to the more important "magic kingdom"--the faculty and staff washroom!), and got my email account set up so now it seems I will be good to go.

I cleaned out a cabinet to store office supplies on Friday and got to take home a few things to use for artsy-fartsy projects that were going to be tossed in the dumpster. I'll have to wait for inspiration to hit to see how I am going to use those things.

I also found out that after two years, I can attend classes for a fantastic discount price and I can even take one class and attend during my work day as long as I stay in a few lunch hours to make up the time. I am so excited about that and plan to take advantage of it just as soon as I possibly can! Maybe by the time I retire, I will have a degree! I think it is so great to have the opportunity to attend classes and learn more. I've always regretted that I did not have a better idea of what I wanted to do when I was younger, that I was not committed to getting higher education. Now I have the opportunity to try again. Tonight I am grateful, again, for second chances.


  1. That's really cool about getting to take classes. I need to find some classes to take when everyone goes back to school. And by everyone that also means Librarian cause she works at school, lol... so when I get rid of kids, there goes my friend too!.

  2. Sounds like a good first week!

  3. Flutterby I agree, that would be a great thing to do, to find some classes to take. There are so many places now that you can find courses to take, on so many subjects too.

    Patti And I expect things to keep getting better!

  4. Oowee, I am as excited as a rooster in a henhouse for you. We vintage ladies just kick ass when we go to school.

    Go, Annie!

  5. wow, sounds great, Annie. Good for you, girl!


    PS. I've tried to leave comments in earlier posts but for some reason, it never worked. I hope it does now.....

  6. Cynthia You got it, babe! I might end up having to take one class a semester, but I will at least get to take that, and will be happy doing so!

    Mich Thanks! I heard some people were having trouble leaving comments. I think I've got the problem fixed now. I do love my commenters!

  7. We do not pay Social Security either.

    Sounds like you have a wonderful opportunity to get in some college classes. That is very cool!
    Glad you like your new job.

  8. Way to go, girl. Sounds like a great start to an exciting 'second chance'! I'm happy for you.

  9. This sounds like a great job!

    But inquiring minds want to know what you trash-picked for art supplies! You can't just mention something and not provide details.

  10. Cathy My real disappointment was that I can't draw on BOTH plans. I thought I was giving my retirement money a really needed shot in the arm!

    Thanks Beth! We'll see how I like it when the students start showing up!

    SBW I am almost afraid to say what I got. It's not that big a deal, but it was exciting to me. I will try to take some photos and post a few pictures.

  11. Annie: The job sounds great, but I am with you on the retirement issues. My railroad pension is a separate issue from SS, too, and includes my wife in its structure. We both are, no doubt, better off than what SS might extend to us (in my case-30 years of work going into the fund); but one still wonders why, when we both for a number of decades paid into SS, we are now not able to retrieve what we paid into it. It all sounds like legalized highway robbery to me, especially when they tax my pension, money that it seems to me has already been taxed once along the way; and I guess what I'm saying is: ask all the questions you can now. That technical jargon they spit back at you ony gets harder to decipher when you get to a point of receiving what you've been paying into all your life...

  12. I am so happy for you and this job! I know that you are going to be just wonderful. And it is awesome that you will get to take classes!

  13. I've commented on this post before, but I tagged you for a meme at my place.

  14. Jim They do keep saying I need to talk to the SS people to see what affect it will have on us. From what I have read, I will still get part of the SS, but don't know for sure. Unfortunately, even talking to them does not guarantee you will get the correct answer.

    Thanks Mindy! I'm really glad to be there.

    Cathy Done!

  15. YAY! I'm so glad that it is going well! Isn't that kind of change just great?


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