Thursday, July 24, 2008


Cathy tagged me to do a meme. I am supposed to tell seven things about myself, just seven things. This one does not say anything about telling little known stuff! I'm going to go with this stream of consciousness style and see where it leads. . .

1) I am a curious person who wonders about sometimes oddball things. Tonight as I walking with the dog and waiting for him to do his business, I wonder what the criteria is that makes the perfect spot to do his business. He scopes out two or three spots before he actually makes a choice and does any thing.

2) I have wondered for probably ten years, and have asked lots of people close to my age, about a cartoon I watched when I was young that had a donkey with a big sombrero as one of the characters. At the end of the show, there was a stage coach with a trunk on the back of it and the donkey would pop out of the trunk and say "'saw right". That is all I could remember of the show. A couple of weeks ago, I had dinner with a couple of old friends and I asked them about this as we sat on the porch of Cracker Barrel rocking and visiting. They through a few names out but none of them seemed right. One of them emailed me later and told me who it was. I even found a video of the closing on YouTube.

Here is the link if you care to watch it. For some reason I can't get the video embedded in the post. 3) I always loved watching the wheels on the stage coach adjust to the mountain curves on the ending credits to Quick Draw McGraw.

4) I have lived in the South and was raised on the smell of strong coffee brewing in the mornings. I love that smell but I only started drinking coffee in the last three weeks. The "gateway drug" that started it was those Mocha Java Chillers with an extra shot of Espresso from Sonic. I decided I could not keep on drinking those things and live a long life so I had to break my habit and now I drink real coffee!

5) I'm having trouble coming up with three more things. . .

6) I recently got a brand new washer and dryer from Fisher-Paykel. The dryer is a top load dryer. It has been so weird getting used to it. Plus it is a little deep and if something small gets left in it, I can't reach to the bottom of the dryer to get it. Other than that, I like it a lot. At the same time I was getting my set, Ayekah was also looking for a washer and dryer. She ended up getting the same brand, but not the same model. Hers has a computer screen that says "Your clothes have finished drying. Have a nice day."

7) That reminds me, I really don't like it when people tell me "have a good one". Have a good what? I know, I know, it is just something to say, and it may or may not be a sincere thought. Come to think of it, I also don't like it when people tell me to "have a blessed day". Does that make me a curmudgeon? I just don't like people telling me what kind of day to have!

8) I thought of something else, a bonus, but I forgot what it was. Oh well, y'all have a good and blessed one, ya hear?

(Feel free to play along and let me know so I can go see what I don't know about some of y'all.)


  1. You are so funny! I know about the forgettin' part.

    Going to watch Quick Draw McGraw soon. I think there is another part of his cartoon that I remember that might be one of those things I have been wondering about for 10 years....

  2. I'm glad you discovered the title to your cartoon bunch. You described it and my mind went racing, spinning its wheels, being able to remember the faces and the sound of the voices, but unable to stick a name to it all.

    My own personal puzzle with my dog is how he sits before me looking starved, all but drooling in his serious plaint to share some tidbit I'm snacking on; then, when I offer him apiece, he slowly inches his nose up to inspect the morsel, as if what I'm extending might be a bit less than what he wants to eat.

    Have a great......two...or three! Live long and prosper.

  3. I knew you were cool! Anyone who was that impressed with the details of Quickdraw McGraw is cool in my book! ha ha!

    I totally, totally agree with your last one. And to be honest, the moment I hear "have a blessed day", I immediately check to make sure my money is still in my person and my credit cards haven't been stole. Nothing - NOTHING - screams "you can't trust me" more than that.

    (I also refuse to do business with companies that have li'l christian fish in their logos. Just 'cuz.)

  4. (Wondering if rach is a total heathen like me) I might just have to do this one. It would be a nice break from the teen romance, lol.

  5. I love Quick Draw!! I remember that show, I loved that one. Ogie dawg and Daddy doodle! Oh I am dating myself.
    Yes, God reignth! YOU are drinking coffee!! I been praying you'd come the to caffeine pipeline....that coke will rot your gut!
    Great plug for F-P appliances and if anyone needs a new w/d, we highly recommend them. The dryer is the living end! We must give your hubby the head nod for those though.
    I too hate that "have a good one" and am with Rach on "have a blessed day" especially if they say bless-ed rather than blessed. Even the folks at the Christian book store don't say that... so what's that tell ya?

  6. I remember that donkey/stagecoach ending; glad your friend found the name as it would have driven me crazy! Totally forgot about Ogie Dawg!

    Instead of "have a good one" or the bless-ed day thing, my husband always says "keep your stick on the ice" which is geographically more relevant considering our winters and how many people watch/play hockey around here.

    I've wondered about the dog thing myself......

  7. Cathy Did you find out what you were wondering about? There were several old cartoons I had forgotten that I came across when I googled Quick Draw McGraw.

    Jim I had forgotten all the voice except the donkey's. That is another puzzle about dogs! Ours will catch whatever we throw in the air and usually swallow it whole. We take advantage of that trick when we have to give him medicine.

    Spookyrach Of course I am cool, I was just taught not to brag on it! You were probably too young for those cartoons anyway! Huckleberry Hound and Deputy Dawg were two more favorites.

    I know exactly what you mean about check for your money and your credit cards! I find the more often a person says something like that, the less likely it is to be true. I almost the same as you when it comes to do with doing business with the fish people. It is supposed to be a good thing but for me it is often a honkin' big red light that says try someone else first.

    Flutterby I saw your post. I will not comment on the question of rach's heatheninity!

    Ayekah Yes you are dating yourself, right along with me! Yes, I am drinking coffee, but I do have to have my French Vanilla creamer, so some might consider it baby coffee!

    Mich It's funny that I never thought to ask my blog readers if they knew who I was talking about, I certainly asked enough other folks!

    I like "keep your stick on the ice"! Of course, right now, with the 100 degree days, the expression loses a bit of its flavor!

  8. Yay! Now we can be drinkin' buddies!

  9. Patti Cool! I never understood how people could drink hot coffee on hot days, but it's not bad!

  10. Hee hee -- I just had the best time watching the Quick Draw McGraw clip. I remember loving the wheels on the mountains, but even more, I loved the way the horses left the carriage and then joined back up again. What fun!

    We don't hear "have a blessed day" around here very often, but usually the folks who say it are okay. Oh well. I'll watch out when I hear it in Louisiana!


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