Saturday, June 13, 2009

Field Trip!!

We went to take pictures of a wooden bridge that the state is supposed to be replacing sometime this year. We saw all sorts of interesting things.

You have to wonder about things when you strike out in search of photo opps and the first thing you see is a baby deer standing by the highway. We did not see hide nor hair of him on the way back so I assume he eventually found his way back to mama.

Don't ask how many miles down the road the bridge is out. In Louisiana, it is enough to say the bridge is out. It doesn't much matter anyway. There is a pile of dirt at the beginning of the bridge but the locals all drive right over the bridge anyway.

I was walking a little behind my nephew on the bridge, lollygagging along, and I noticed him kicking at something in the dirt. I wonder what the story is on this. They did not look like my size so I left them there.

Here is one side of the bridge that is being replaced.

And here is the other side.

We swung by my grandparents' abandoned house because I wanted to get this photograph. It may be hard to tell from this photo but the tree has grown up through the porch floor and through the swing!

The berries were lagniappe, discovered as we walked through the woods to get to my great grandparents house. I am a berry picking fool! All we had to put them in was a dollar store sack and I ended up getting the sack hung up in briers which tore a hole in it.

We lost a bigger handful than this through the hole in the sack but we still ended up getting enough berries for a cobbler. We probably would have gotten more if we'd had something better to put them in. There are plenty of red ones left so there will be another crop sometime next week.

This guy is guarding the watermelon patch. They had several of them out in this field. It was funny to see them all.

The watermelon stem is up at the top of this melon. That is some kind of black plastic behind the melon. When I saw it, I was sure it had grown this way. Now I am not so sure. The rusty looking thing at the bottom of the photo is barbed wire, which I very nearly fell into while trying to get this picture.


  1. Good shots, annie. Nice little adventure. Makes me want to pick berries... actually, makes me want to eat berries.

  2. Enjoyed all the pictures and your words concerning them, but am with Daisy on this one: I'm ready for a slice of that cobbler!

  3. I love these. I really like the scarecrow guy! Looks like something I would have devised! Those berries make me want to get out there and pick, even in this heat! Am still wondering about that bra thing...I just can't help it!

  4. I'm giggling at the bra.

    I'm a berry picking fool too. The wineberries are ripe here now, and if you know the right places in the city, you can get a bucket full of berries (and arms and legs full of scratches from the brambles).

    I like the flowers in the concrete and the tree in the swing. I love when nature reminds us Who is Who.


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