Sunday, June 21, 2009

Fragile Vessels

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I've just been thinking how amazing it is that God chooses to work in and through us (often weak and flaky!) human beings. And I struggle so much with my imperfections.

I've also missed writing on this blog. And I don't know what I am going to do about that.


  1. Annie, you hit on one of the most frequent relationships we possess with Him, one that so often gets taken to the exteme opposite side of theology. People seem to think themselves unworthy, un-talented, of no use, failing to realize that, always, it is He, not we, who accomplishes anything. On the other hand, some seem to think, because He inwells them, they, themselves, have been authorized and empowered to do all things out of their own voliton, their own reasoning. I'd rather walk that center line, even if it be in a continual stagger, learning the reality of Christ "in" me as I go....

  2. We're all weak and we're all flaky. And God knows our imperfections precisely. In fact, I am guessing he gifted us with some of them. I think if we can look at some of them as gifts, things to work on, keep us busy, because they help us pay more attention to God. It also brings to the forefront grace. ANd what a huge thing it is. Because grace truly covers a multitude of shortcomings. (I hate using the word sin)

  3. The church we are now attending often speaks of the struggle between the "already and the not yet"...

  4. I've missed writing on my blog too. How about we get back at it?


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