Sunday, July 12, 2009

Something Different

I read about a new technique in Photoshop and decided to try it. I likes it!

Thanks for your comments on the statue in the mausoleum. My favorite is the one where he is centered. In centering him, I blocked a big glass window at the back of the hall and a skylight above his head. I was there, looking at the statue and it was hard to know what was going on! It looks like someone is kneeling and holding onto him, but the bodies at the bottom part of the statue kind of merge together so it's hard to tell. I do think there is a lot of symbolism in the piece. I might have to go back for another look. This time around, I was working with trying to get the photo shot with all those windows around.


  1. Hey, annie, this is very cool. Good advice, too. :)


  2. Oh I do so LOVE this technique! This is one awesome piece girl!


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