Sunday, July 26, 2009

Rough Sunday

We had a man fall out in church at the beginning of the service this morning, not three feet from where we sit. People did CPR and prayed and when the ambulance people arrived, they gave him oxygen. I think he was already gone when they loaded him on the stretcher to take him to the hospital. It was an unsettling event. The man was alone, his wife was recently committed to a mental hospital. He had been under a great deal of strain recently. I don't know if they had any children or not.


  1. One of my strongest memories from childhood is sitting in the sanctuary with my mother (I don't recall her going that often) and a woman suffering a stroke or heart attack in the middle of the service. It happens. We, in this area, had a woman fall to her death from some heighth during a Christmas special performance. God remains our anchor in the storm, a haven to which we run when we do not understand.....

  2. OMG! This is one of the best things I swear you have ever done! I love this to the nth degree! Put this on etsy. Gorgeous Annie!


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