Friday, August 07, 2009

He has roused himself...

I spotted this verse when the preacher was talking about something else from Zechariah and I liked it, so here it is...

I think I have a couple of other new ones to post too. I will get around to it sometime soon.

I got a new laptop and I am loving it! My old computer had gotten very tired and worn out. It was past time for a replacement.


  1. Another beautiful one, Annie!! I like that verse; funny how I don't ever recall reading it before though I must have..


  2. I like the verse, Annie, especially when His "dwelling" is me and I recognize the stirring of His presence within me...

  3. I love it!

    Hopefully the new computer will mean more frequent posting....


  4. Mich, it was kind of a new one to me too. I like it!

    Jim, what a great reminder!

    Beth, I sure hope to be posting more. I miss this place!


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