Saturday, August 29, 2009

My LIfe in Bullet Points?

I miss coming here to write. And yet I don't feel like I have much of anything to say when I check in here. Doesn't seem like I have any great insights that are begging to be shared, no interesting stories to pass on and no photography to share.

Here are a few things that have been going on:

  • I have been taking an online photography class which has been informative and fun.

  • I bought a laptop to replace my old desktop and I really do like it.

  • I've lost 7 more pounds in the month since I last officially weighed.

  • My youngest child turned 18 last Sunday.

  • My son had his three year anniversary of being clean and sober a couple of weeks ago.

  • My eldest child is back in school pursuing a teaching certification after graduating a few semesters back with a degree in Criminal Justice.

  • I'm still liking my job in the Psyc Dept of the local university, in spite of the mounds of paperwork involved.


  1. Hey, you've got quite a bit going on there, Annie. Life sounds full and I can understand not having a huge urge to post stuff. But it's always appreciated when you do.


  2. I think you had a lot to say in this post...LIFE IS GOOD! So many things to celebrate.

  3. That's quite a great list! What do you mean you have nothing to write about?!

  4. I find you in the middle of a great life! Congratulations to all three children and the mother whose love and whose prayer is covering all. We all go through that feeling of having emptied ourselves out here on our blogs, Annie. I tell myself every other month or so that there is no sense in continuing on, then learn again that it is a relaxation unto me, a place to spin my own thoughts and keep my mind alive. I'll take whatever and whenever you drop by, my friend....


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