Sunday, August 09, 2009

Cutting Scars

Those are rust marks that I thought looked like musical notes. It occurred to me that many of us regularly and destructively cut ourselves to pieces without ever having a knife in our hands. That is wrong and we shouldn't do it.


  1. Very cool, Annie. I love the "pleasant song that she could no longer sing" particularly.


  2. I like the way you have framed the picture and am with Mich: "a pleasant song she could no longer sing" strikes a deep inner note....

  3. Oooh -- I LOVE this one. It really does look like notes ... and scars ... and a bird, too (please don't psycho-analyze me on that one!)

  4. Ha! Linda, they have a joke in the Psyc Dept--"I'm not that kind of psychologist." I guess I can say I won't psycho-analyze you because "that's not my department"!

    (I see a bird too, now that you mentioned it!)

  5. Wow, this is beautiful. The words are striking and work so well on the page.


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