Sunday, September 13, 2009

Holy Moments

Sat by a young artist today in church, who after showing me several dress drawings from her little notebook, proceeded to remove from her purse (with diamonds on it, see the diamonds?) a box of crayons. First she drew a tiny dress and then she drew a picture of a pink castle and gave it to me. We enjoyed a nice little conversation about the merits of trees around castles, and how much grass to draw in the picture while the congregation sang "holy, holy". And so it was...


  1. What a wonderful encounter and great gift.

  2. Just left another site where the blogger asked commenters to fill in the blank as to a definition of "preaching". My own suggestion was was that preaching is Christ "in" me somehow connecting with others and anything other than that was just me trying to get to that point. Sounds like you had the little girl had such an encounter and it doesn't get any "holier" than that....

  3. This post brightened my day! I'm picturing Jesus holding children on his lap, and smiling as you carry his love to that dear child!


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