Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Shadow

Wishing I could write about what's on my mind. Not much to do but hold on tight and wait, though I am not at all sure what it is I am waiting for...


  1. I like this one, annie. And I know the feeling.


  2. Mich, thank you. I sometimes do these things and they feel so personal that I wonder if they will speak to anyone other than me. It is gratifying to know they do.

  3. I love the words you have framed within the contents of this photo, Annie. It speaks to me, not only of our "peeking through the veil" in our following Him, but also of how such journey includes, as well, our similar investigation of self and others, life as it comes unto us. You do more with one sentence and a photograph than I achieve with three paragraphs....

  4. Thank you so much Jim! You've given me a whole 'nother dimension to this one by mentioning the part about "peeking through the veil". Interesting!


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