Friday, December 31, 2010

Healing and Hope

I decided to go check out the local thrift stores today. At the third one, I saw two Willow Tree angels. They were priced at $1.99 each. I grabbed both of them and finished looking around. When I went to pay, she only charged me $1.99. I guess they were having a year end clearance sale or something.

 One was the angel of healing.
 The other was the angel of hope.

I'm taking their appearance to me today as a sign of healing and hope for the new year.

Happy New Year!!


  1. What an awesome price for Willow Tree. Our Goodwill never has sales.

    Love how you photographed them.

  2. All of ours seem to be pretty good about having sales. Today it seemed like they were all trying to get rid of their extra books!

    I used my iPhone and CameraBag app to photograph these angels tonight. These are the first two Willow Tree angels I have gotten. My mom has several.

  3. I like the angels, Annie. Funny how we can "connect" with such objects. Purchased a pair of small penguins years ago, Christmas tree ornaments, that each hold in their hands a sign, one reading "rejoice" and the other "peace". They sit year round on a knick-knack shelf in my living-room.

    Hoping the bad wether that passed through the South missed you yeasterday....

  4. Happy New Year, Annie! I love your angels, what an awesome way to start the new year, with hope and healing.


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