Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Don't Panic Before It's Necessary

I heard one of the professors tell this to a student a while back. Seems like good advice.

I was playing around in my newly cleaned art room (while listening to my Native American flute music which art teacher in Houston said was conducive to painting and creating!) and wanted something to do. I started with a sheet of watercolor paper and added the magazine picture face (which may still be too recognizable?) The red vase is a dictionary page I had cut out freehand last year and painted. The edges are scrapbook paper I tore and glued on to the page. Then I scanned it and added the words in Photoshop Elements. Not great or complicated work, but fun and relaxing to do, while waiting for other ideas to come. Still, I think this saying would be great on a card.


  1. It would be a beautiful card; I love it!

    The sentiment is a good reminder, as well.

    Love that you're creating art like this.

  2. I love it too! And I read something today about not waiting until you find your great artistic purpose before making things. Jump in and start doing stuff, good or not, because that's how you get to the good stuff.

    This is good stuff. :)

  3. Thanks, Beth! I'm happy to be piddling at doing artsy stuff again!

    Thanks, Rach! I think whoever wrote that is precisely right!


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