Friday, July 06, 2012

Bittersweet Times

I spent a little time tonight visiting with a few of my son's friends. One of his best friends, the one he working with in Pennsylvania when he died, came down for a few days and so there was a good little group gathered to see him. We hadn't seen him since the funeral in December. Another of his friends was there who recently became a father to a precious little baby girl so I got to hold and admire her. There were others around who matter to us and it was good to see them all. One of his friends has a younger sister who is expecting a boy in September. Everyone is kind of hoping the baby will arrive on my son's birthday. It was/is all a bittersweet reminder that life goes on.

These are some of the photos I took in the graveyard at Grand Coteau.

A melancholy angel.
Rows and rows of Jesuit priest graves.
The shadow of a cross reflected on on vault. 
And a tilted cross...


  1. Good to read of you and others who knew your son pouring "life" into each other. If I'm not mistaken, that tilted cross is what they call a "St Andrew's Cross", it being the manner in which he was crucified. My favorite picture of these, though, is that tree, thus scarred and yet alive. I read once that EVERY tree is about ninety some percent dead, the only life in it being a small membrane webbing just under the bark through which sustenance flows upward unto the leaves. If true, and I believe it is, thre's a sermon in there somewhere......

    1. Interesting stuff, Jim! I liked the tree a lot and wished I'd gotten closer to it to examine it a bit more!

  2. (((Annie))) I think of you and say a prayer though I don't write often.

    Funny, I thought of that book recently and had gone through it myself years ago. Some good ideas for stirring creative juices.



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