Sunday, July 08, 2012

Censors and Gremlins

Some people might refer to this "voice" as their "gremlin." Censor, gremlin, doesn't matter. It seems like everyone has that voice (or sometimes, those voices) that tell them things that just are not true. It's important to be aware of that voice and to know when it is speaking so that we can acknowledge it and move on to do whatever it was we were going to do.

(I'm working with a group through Julia Cameron's book, The Artist's Way. I did this on my own many years ago and got out of the habit of doing some of the practices she introduces in the book. I am looking forward to picking them up again.)


  1. Not so sure that I agree with Cameron's comment here, Annie, but hesitate in that, not knowing the full context within which she said it. What I am sure of is the truth that, having examined myself in the light of any negative comment about myself, the final verdict remains mine to possess.....

  2. I think she means it more when one is taking on a creative endeavor and the "voices" say one is not good, or one's work is no good. Stuff like that.

    I have a harsh critic that resides in me. There does have to be (for me) some discernment at to what is legitimate criticism and what is just downright mean and hateful.


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