Friday, August 10, 2012

Creative Play

Sometimes when I am totally uninspired I try to work on things just to see what happens. I was fiddling around with texture and layers and wanted some words for these.
I have a bad habit of immediately saving these things and then wanting to make changes later. I should save them in an editable form and think about it before I save them in the form where I can't make changes to them. I wanted to go back and fix the punctuation on this one but I could not remember how I did the background! So I tried to recreate it as best I could and the version you see down below is the result.
I do think I like this one better, though I am not totally satisfied with either one of them.

I'm walking through some rough patches right now and I really, really need to "remain calm, focused, centered, determined" and need to not let my anxiety dissuade me. But oh, that is so much easier said than done!

(08/11/12 Edited to add: I woke up this morning at the butt crack of dawn thinking I was late getting ready for work. It is Saturday morning. Since I was wide awake, I checked FB, where someone kindly pointed out to me I have a typo in the second version of this "thang." ~Sigh~ Back to the drawing board. No, I don't remember exactly how I did the background on that one either, and no, I did not save this in an editable form. Apparently I haven't quite learned that lesson yet!)


  1. If you are talking about the period after "calm" on the second one, I find the change no more than allowing the three words immediately after to be spoken somewhat with authority and making the last thought exactly that: a last thought. In truth, also, I like both scenarios, the first appearing more as spoken in silence to oneself, the second more like light has come and the "revelation" but followed by the humanity in all of us.

    Sorry to be so interpretive, but your pictures always stir me to muse, Annie.....

  2. The first one is growing on me, Jim! Especially since I can't remember exactly how I did the backgrounds on either of them!

    I don't mind at all your being interpretive. I like that, it's what I hope for, that they will stir the viewer to muse or ponder or think...

  3. You made me smile with your revisions and punctuation issues. I understand about punctuation; it's something I try to get totally right at all times. However, sometimes a thing just is what it is, and it's enough just that way! I think I actually like it without the commas or periods in the first one. It's as if it is all part of one thing - calm centered focused determined. =)

    I also relate to the idea behind the words. Sometimes I can achieve it ... sometimes. Thanks for your comment. It's funny that this morning I was thinking that if Paul had been the one left behind, he had a few more pictures of me, but not all that many either!

  4. I think I like it without the commas and periods too, desertskyquilts! But it is so much easier said than done!


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