Sunday, May 19, 2013

52 Photos Project, Week Four: Crop It

I realized as I was getting ready to post that these are not actually the same photographs! But they are essentially the same, a cardinal at my backyard feeder, taken through the kitchen window this weekend.

I also realized, as I looked for a suitable photo for this week's 52 Photos Project theme, Crop It, that I probably don't crop often enough.

Most of the time, the only time I do it is when I am trying to bring something in a bit closer, as I did with this new bird we saw last weekend.

Facebook discussion indicates this is a summer tanager. We saw a couple of them again this weekend but I did not get photos of them.


  1. I love cardinals and have some families living in my backyard. However, I need a better camera to capture them properly. Yours are AMAZING - cropped or not.

    1. Thanks, Arnoldo! I'm complaining that I need a better lens to capture my birds! I'm hoping the birds will get used to us being around and won't scatter so much if I try to get just a little closer!

  2. I love birds, so, of course, I love these shots, especially the last one!
    I agree with you - I think I probably don't crop often enough.

  3. Your pictures made me smile ... nice crops!

  4. I've had a cardinal hanging around my backyard the last week or so. I think he must be male, because he is such a bright red. The beak on this one is awesome! Love the crop on both pics.


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