Thursday, June 06, 2013

52 Photos Project, Week Seven: Crimson

Both of these photos are from 2010. I love how the pomegranate almost looks like some sort of (alien?) brain. I can't remember for sure but I think I took this one with an old phone I had.

And this one is "just" an old dying rose. I seem drawn to the old and dying flowers.

This is lagniappe: In my reading, I am learning about how my taking care of my health today is like giving a gift to my future self. I really like that thought and it helps me to stay on track. 

(This is my contribution to week seven of the 52 Photos Project. Go check it out, there are lots of pretty crimson things.)


  1. I think the pom looks like blood cells melting. Eerie! Thanks for visiting me.

  2. I love pomegranate! Your picture is lovely.

  3. That pomegranate brings back such wonderful memories. As a teen, I picked baskets full of them from just two trees we had. My dad peeled them and separated them, and turned all those seeds into the BEST pancake syrup this side of heaven. I miss it. Thanks for that photo!

  4. Beautiful {crimson} shots. I especially love the pomegranate! And *YES* to taking care of you. Be gentle with yourself. xo

  5. Stopped by here yesterday and got bushwhacked somehow by your definition link, the problem probably a matter of my own doing. The dictionary here on my computer desk, though, introduced me to wonderful new word previously not in this old man's vocabulary. I'm wondering if it's one particular to your part of the woods. At any rate, the wife came in, ready to go to breakfast, and it's taken me this long to get back. While your pomegranates were first thought by me to be cherries and look delicious, I'm in the process of trying to lose about ten pounds. Hopefully, pictures do not inject any calories in the digesting thereof...

  6. Made me laugh with the brains comment, annie! Pretty brains though they be.

    Taking care of one's self seems to be a theme for me, today. Had a cold for a couple of weeks that just won't quit.


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