Thursday, November 21, 2013


This is one I put together on my phone. It's a very good premise. I'm feeling my losses lately and I'm working (sort of!) hard on embracing whatever of life that remains after my loss. It's not been easy.

This is not an easy time of year. It never really was, I don't guess. We're all missing my son deeply and we're each coping with our loss in the best way we know how. Sometimes that coping is not so very pretty.


  1. Annie...I too have a lot of griefs in common with this time of year. In time, the days pass and we come out on the other side. It is never easy, and I don't think it ever will be. Much love, [another] Annie

  2. It's *not* easy... not one moment of it. Anyone who expects to - or expects you to - breeze right through it is nuts. It will take as much and as long as it has to take.

  3. This is a hard time of year, definitely. I like the quote. I have decided that everyone has a point that is as far as they can go. After that point, the grief stays at the same level forever. It's based on almost four years, and maybe I'll feel different in ten years or twenty years, but that's how I feel today. Our feelings are our own - whatever we feel is okay. No one else can say how fast or how slow, how it ought to feel or how we ought to deal with it. I suppose they can say whatever they want, but I reserve the right to tell them they are full of balogna.

    1. I think you are right about getting to the point that is as far as one can go, with the grief remaining pretty much at the same level. I like your attitude!


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