Friday, November 01, 2013

November, Day One

Don't laugh! I'm trying again for another month long project, 30 Days of Thanksgiving. I know I probably won't be too consistent but I will at least begin.

But one thing I noticed, back when I was noticing things those few days in October, was that y noticing brought gratitude, and what a perfect lead in to the Thanksgiving month of November. I did notice many more things than I actually wrote about. I just lost my writing momentum.

Tonight I'm really glad and thankful this little fellow was already dead when I saw him lying underneath the truck, about a foot away from where I was about to step to get into the truck!

Also, today, a friend from Facebook land checked on me because she'd seen I'd been quiet around there. I'm thankful for people who notice. It's been a rough week, there have been so many small reminders that have made me miss my son so much.

I'm grateful too, for the friend who had a blue tooth keyboard she'd ordered and decided she didn't want to use. I was almost prepared to order one that would have cost twice as much. She is a great bargain finder. And now I'll be more willing to blog from my phone when I am in the country and away from my laptop and internet.

I'm also thankful tonight for citrus-sage scented candles from Fred's. They smell really good.

More later. Perhaps. We shall see how long this project lasts!

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