Tuesday, June 03, 2014

52 Photos Project, Gallery Four: Good Luck Charm

I had to think a bit on this one. I don't have anything specific that I always carry with me as a charm to bring me comfort or luck (unless we count my phone, with it's camera!). I have many things that I like to have near me, things that bring me comfort, if not luck.

One thing I do always have with me might be words, in my head. I try to keep those positive and affirming and comforting.

These are a few of the words I've been carrying with me this week. I started a little project (there's a Facebook group) where I'm doing some kind of artsy thing on an index card a day. The project will run June 1st through July 31st (I don't know if I will last that long). You can use their prompts or you can go rogue and do whatever you want to do. She also offers a weekly theme, if you don't want to follow the daily prompts. I am loosely translating the first week's theme of "text" and doing little collages with stuff I've cut out of old magazines.

The "tiny, heartbreaking commonplace" is from CS Lewis' book, "Grief Observed." I read it over the weekend. It was a helpful book, with some new to me insights on the grief process that turned out to be true to my own experience with grief once I read about them.

 I've begun the process (again) of opening an online store to try and sell some of my "thangs." That necessitates me being brave. And the time seems oh so right. I've slowly come to terms with some issues that have held me back in the past and it feels a little weird at my age, but I think I'm finally growing into myself.

I stumbled across this quote today and I feel it is quite appropriate for me. These are words I will surely carry in my head for luck and comfort.
"For the artist, the hardest part of your job is knowing when it’s finished. May you finally release your work with confidence even though you know there is more you could have done. May you reject the temptation to wait for qualification, certification, permission or perfection, working instead from your smallness, your weakness, and your pain. Let yourself be human, as it’s your humanity that touches the soul, not your expertise." Emily Freeman, A Blessing For The Finishers.
I have no wisdom to add to this one, other than to say I am trying to do a better job of living the day I have while I have it. I am trying, that is the key. Sometimes I am failing miserably at doing that because of a certain dissatisfaction I am experiencing in my life which causes me to want to be somewhere other than where I am. And, as Forrest Gump would say, "That's all I have to say about that."

(My contribution to the 52 Photos Project, Week Four)


  1. well said. well said and well said... and I love the art work... the bear says it all.
    Funny thing about those bears... you go girl! Carry on Warrior! You know you can do it.
    What a great post... and yes you do try and I don't think that's more than most.
    I'm going to write that one down....
    Love love

    1. Thanks, Lori! Warrior was one of the things I thought of when I was doing that bear collage!

  2. Dangit! I think google ate my previous comment. Basically - I like the collages. I really like the 60 day post card project. You will do it - keep trying. :)


    1. I'm glad you like them! You know, I have to remind myself: in this situation, I don't think the final product is as important as the process is (so when I get frustrated that it's not "great art" I can remember that is not the point with this)!

  3. I love the Emily Freeman quote, Annie, finding it relative to one's life as well as one's creative efforts, be it with words, collage, or whatever. Indicative, I think, of that thread of eternity that runs through us in Him.

  4. You should check out the article, Jim. There is a whole list of "finishers," among them teachers and youth leaders.


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