Sunday, September 14, 2014


The weirdest thing happened with the road photo I posted in my last blog post! First of all, I added a small sliver of text from a Mary Oliver poem, "Today". See the poem below.

Here are the pictures I did....

I can't decide which one I like best, the faded text or the darker text. But all of that is not important to the story I am trying to tell.

On Facebook, I accidentally posted the photo with the faded text in the comments section of a friend's post, on her page! The photo didn't show up on my page and I had no idea what had happened until I got a noticed that someone I do not know had "liked" my photo (in my defense, I was doing all this on my phone, which can be tricky)! I figured out what happened when I clicked on the notice and was taken back to my friend's page.

To my surprise, the person had posted a comment about this being a road from her dream 30 or so years ago!

I told her I had not intended to post it there, told her the road was in Kisatchie Forest, and hashtagged it as #oldladytechissues! She wrote back to say thank you for my old lady tech issues! I mentioned how Jung would have said it was a case of synchronicity and she agreed and said it meant a lot to her. 

Is that not the weirdest, most delightful thing??!! 

Here is the complete poem:


Today I'm flying low and I'm
not saying a word.
I'm letting all the voodoos of ambition sleep. 

The world goes on as it must,
the bees in the garden rumbling a little,
the fish leaping, the gnats getting eaten.
And so forth.

But I'm taking the day off.
Quiet as a feather.
I hardly move though really I'm traveling
a terrific distance.

Stillness. One of the doors
into the temple. 

~Mary Oliver


  1. thank you for the synchronicity reminder.

    and the poem.


  2. I love that you reference Jung with a southern accent.

  3. Love the picture and the poem and Jung and the rogue post story!

    1. Thank you, for calling my attention to the poem!

  4. Replies
    1. I'm glad you love it! I sent the woman a PM offering her a copy of the photo, but since I am not her friend, it will go into her "other" mail and I don't know if she will see it.

  5. Is it Deeprak Chopra who writes about how synchronicities are our modern miracles? Or something along those lines? Anyway. I love this and I am a huge fan of life's synchronicities.

    1. I don't know, Rach, but I too am a fan of life's synchronicities!


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