Friday, July 08, 2016


I am lying on my back, nestled in my custom made cradle. My eyes are mostly covered by a standard hospital washcloth. I am a strange and complex planet. The Starship Enterprise is poised above me. I understand the ship is on a mission of benevolence and mercy. 

The noises and movement can be intimidating. I lie perfectly still, listening as the big ship shoots healing harmful beams into my body.

I have learned to relax, and not to wonder what might happen if the ship suddenly lost its way and came slowly down and down until it crushed my body. I have learned to lie still, and breathe peacefully, to trust the huge disc that is the Starship Enterprise.

Some days, I am so relaxed that I am nearly asleep. And I am sad that my almost nap is being interrupted. 

The techs come in (turns out the Starship Enterprise is a remotely controlled vessel). They tell me I can lower my arm. I remove the washcloth and I am welcomed back to the real world.

I rise up off the table. I thank my people.

I walk out with gratitude.


  1. I'm glad the Enterprise is on a mission to heal.

  2. That gives me a great visual for what you are experiencing, and it's almost surreal stream of consciousness. Thank you.

  3. ^ What Susan said. :)

    Glad Starfleet Medical is handling your recovery. Give Dr. Crusher a high five from me.


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