Sunday, October 23, 2016

Saturday Before Last

Last weekend, my parents and I went off on an adventure. There was a cemetery we wanted to see and there was another event we wanted to check out at a local historic sight (site?). I brought my big camera with me and got only a few photos.

These two photos were taken in the yard before we left. The blossoms are from my Confederate Rose, also known as Cotton Rose, officially known as hibiscus mutabilis. The flowers start out white in the morning and turn pink towards the end of the day. It's not uncommon to see both older pink flowers and newer white blooms on the bush at the same time (which fascinates me to no end, but I am easily fascinated).
Grave house alley! It was an oddly peaceful and quiet place to walk. One of the fenced in areas had morning glories growing all around. Another one had plastic saw horse frames propped up against the fence. We aren't sure if they were significant to the deceased or if they were just placed there by someone attempting to tidy things up a bit.
These two photos were taken at the Talbot Pierson Cemetery. The grave houses were originally placed to keep wild animals from digging up the graves. My dad and I have postulated that the houses were all redone at some time in the not too distant past, since they all look very similar.
It's so true. Sometimes you just have to decide to get out with a bare bones plan (or none at all) and see what you come across. If your eyes are open to it, you will find delightful in the oddest of places.

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  1. I've never seen grave houses. Thank you for sharing the pictures. That's something new to my experience.


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