Sunday, April 26, 2020

Unprecedented Times

Everybody and his brother has already declared it so, and I will reiterate: We are living in unprecedented times.

I've been trying to journal some about the situation as I see it, as it effects me. I'm not doing a good job at it.

I'm working from home, which is weird. I'm doing the same work but in a different environment.


I have a grandson who turned two months old yesterday. I have held him in my arms exactly one time. The current "normal" is me going to my daughter's house and walking with her (at an acceptable distance) while she strolls the baby. I'm grateful her baby came early and they were able to get home when they did. We were able to visit with them in the hospital, before all the limitations were placed on hospital visits.

I visit my parents by sitting outside on their patio (while staying the acceptable distance). I am grateful to be able to do that. My sister has not been able to come see my parents for over a month now.

I've watched far too much TV (Little Fires Everywhere, Almost Human, Bosch, Tales From the Loop, in case you need any suggestions).

I've participated (loosely) in a couple of writing groups centered around the things we are currently experiencing. I've take a free online collage class and I'm looking forward to taking a second (paid) class with the same instructor.

I ordered a kit to make clay bowls with rose transfers on them. That was a class offered on Zoom.

I've cooked more often than usual.

I've eaten more junk and moved less than usual.

I've made about a dozen cloth face masks. 

My various appointments at MD Anderson have all been rescheduled for June 1.

It's a weird and difficult time for the entire world. If I think too much and too broadly about the possible repercussions of this time for the world, and for our country, I worry. What helps most is bringing myself back to this present moment. That's all I have. That's all any of us have. That is always the way it has been.

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