Friday, December 31, 2004

Happy New Year!


  1. I like your old man gluebook page. I am new to this gluebook thing and plan to start today. I am nervous about starting. Weird huh??
    I enjoy reading your journal. I have thought about doing a blog but am not sure if I want to have my info out there for all to read.

  2. hey annie! i think this is a great gluepage...very draws you right in! happy new year!
    myrn from gluebooks

  3. hmmmmm.... never did a gluebook page. (never even heard of it till I plopped into your blog.
    might have to try that. I do like yours.

  4. Captainwow, I tried to email you, but it did not go through. Wow, you are my first commenter from out in the great unknown! Thanks. I am glad you stopped by. I love that blog name, Captainwow. I hope to come up with a more clever name for my own blog eventually.

    Try a gluebook page. They are fun to do. I find it helps me relax. Put those pretty green peas in a collage!


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