Saturday, December 04, 2004

Wooden Woman

I feel a bit foolish, now that I am here, and I wonder what the heck it was I thought I might have to say that would be so all-fired interesting. Anais Nin wrote in one of her journals, “who does she think she is?” Indeed, who do I think I am?

I am in the awkward stage right now, the “wallowing around trying to get my nest made stage”. It’s a bit messy, the process of trying to find one’s voice, especially when one has been around the block as often as I have.

The truth is, most people do tend to evolve in their blogging, if they stay with it long enough, but silly me, I think most people just dive in with both feet when starting to blog, and that they do it gracefully from the very first time they take the plunge. And I make the mistake of believing that I am the only one who comes up to the board and does a belly flop the first time out. Belly flops are a part of being human, aren’t they?

In the end, the best answer probably is to be myself, whoever my self is. Myself is very timid, and as always, I’ll have to tell myself to “lighten up” and “don’t take yourself so seriously”. Otherwise, I’ll come off sounding very stiff and rigid, wooden, like these gals in the woods.


  1. Greetings, Annie. I've been feeling foolish every day for the two-plus years of this weblog. Evolving, perhaps. Less self-conscious, closer to making that clean dive at least as often as the belly flops. I wrote a bit about that this week, here:

    You'll know it when the nest is right.

  2. Fred,

    Thanks for stopping by and confirming that I am not alone in this "feeling foolish" foolishness. Less self-conscious would definitely be good!

    I enjoy reading your blog and seeing your photographs. They are stunning.

    I am waiting to see how your thoughts from your entry on small souls will evolve.


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