Monday, December 13, 2004

My Camera is a Jack-ass

When I hang a camera around my neck, something magical happens. The camera speaks to me. Unfortunately, the camera’s voice is highly critical. It says things like, who do you think you are? And look, all those people are looking at you, they know you don’t know what you are doing, you idiot.

But this weekend, when I went out with the camera around my neck, I decided I was going to ignore all the accusing chatter of the camera and just take pictures. I was going to follow the instructions I had been given, to go out and take some pictures and just have fun with it. I relaxed.

And now I have a picture of this mule, who was grinding sugarcane to be used in making cane syrup, and the mule has reminded me of a piece of homespun wisdom from my father. I have a new way of seeing the camera. I will no longer entertain any nagging noise from a camera. I will remember the mule, and my father’s advice, and I will take charge of the camera and its critical voice.

What was the advice, you say? Well, only this:

Just because a jack-ass brays, it doesn’t mean you have to answer.


  1. Hmmm, maybe that's why I never hang my camera 'round my neck...someone just carrying it in my *hand* seems so much sloppier, more casual. "I'm not taking pictures...I'm just messin' 'round." For whatever reason, my Internal Editor doesn't critique "just messin' 'round."

    Love the mule pic.


  2. Very sneaky, Lorianne! I'll have to remember that little trick. Oh, the things we have to do to bypass that Internal Editor. I think my own Internal Editor is rather dense, she can be easily fooled by the smallest amount of false bravado (but don't tell her I said so!).


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