Monday, January 03, 2005

Bidding Pollyanna Adieu

A collage, built around two glued trading cards that turned out to be somewhat prophetic. Something did come up in my rearview mirror, and ran smack over me. Part of what I have been dealing with in the last year is the slow demise of my sweet alter-ego, Pollyanna. She died in the wreck. I say, glory-be, who needed her anyway? The Oriental upside-down girl is the top half to the hands and feet girl in the card on the left. Clever, no?

I often wonder what happens when I am behind the curtain, sending photos labeled "g" out into cyberland, only to rush over to blogger and into edit post mode to snatch them back so I can add my additional verbiage and put a title to the entry. What if someone happened to be reading the post at the very moment I was cyber-snatching it back? Would the screen go blank? Would an error message appear, saying "Sorry, buddy, she's not ready yet. Check back later."

I know there must be an easier way. I suspect that when it comes to computers I tend to do everything in the most complicated manner possible.

Dear Abby, or her replacement, wrote today to a woman, "I know you're hurt, but make no decisions based on anger and bitterness." I suppose that is good advice, in some cases. It sounds good, and noble, (Pollyanna liked good and noble) but on the other hand, some decisions will never get made until the anger wells up and pushes the more passive amongst us to do something.

Rest in peace, Pollyanna, wherever you are.

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  1. Pollyanna.... hmm.... would love to know more about this.


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