Monday, January 03, 2005

Seeing Things

I did this collage as part of an experiment in altered books. It is a children's book and I painted over the pages before I started gluing stuff down. There is no reason there should be a guy with a beard by the candle, but I see him. I just went and looked at book itself, and sure enough, he is there. But upon closer inspection I see that it is actually an innocuous part of the scenery that I did not get covered with the paint. Weird. I have looked at that page many times, and tonight is the first time I have noticed him.


  1. hey annie...i really like this collage...the man is a little spooky, huh? you have a great blog here...your art and writing are intriguing...bookmarking you and i will check back regularly...thanks for sharing, myrn (from gluebooks)

  2. Great page and it's strange that the man was there and you didn't know it. I'm glad you told about it or I would have missed him too.


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