Tuesday, January 18, 2005

She Who Dreams Big Dreams

The Pollyanna in me likes the optimistic idea that we are always on a threshold, always able to see another horizon beckoning. And though I am not much of a romantic, even I will admit that there is romance in the beckoning of a new horizon.

But on days like today, it just drives me nuts to think of yet another horizon beckoning. Can't I just sit awhile and enjoy the view?

Do I have to climb another staircase, chasing after yet another horizon? You know what that means, don't you? It means I have to say goodbye to the threshold I am now standing upon. It means change, it means challenges to my status quo. It means feeling like a kid being pushed into the first grade class room on the first day of school all over again. Oh, I know, I don't have to leave my threshold. I can stay right there and watch my life pass on by. Eventually, someone will probably bring me a rocking chair and I can rock and snooze where it is nice and safe.

I can't afford the luxury of a rocking chair because I am one who dreams big dreams and then I wake myself up with my snoring, and the dream that was once so clear is only a blur.

Still, doesn't this look like the perfect place to stop and rest?


  1. Annie, yes I do remember you. Thanks for stopping by again, and of course, since the last time I was here you've made great posts. More good stuff.... I'll be back.


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