Thursday, March 03, 2005

People Will Stare, Make it Worth Their While

...or Looking For a Miracle....

I tried to think of a wise and witty post to go along with another quote card I'd put together in Photoshop, but I seem to be a bit blocked on it, so I am going with this collage instead. I was cleaning up a bit in the room where I do my journaling and collaging, trying to organize the various stacks of paper and I found the check stub from my last unemployment check. I was saving it to glue into my journal.

I noticed the note I'd written about the word dystopia. At the time I had written the note, I thought sure that dystopia was a made-up word. However, I have just looked it up on and it is a real word all right. I feel like I have somehow been booked a trip to the island of dystopia, where everything is bad, and it is not a fun place to be.

I also found a rejection letter concerning a job application I had sent in. I am partially grateful for that letter, and wanted to memorialize it in a collage because it is the only one I have received explaining that "one applicant's qualifications more closely met our present needs than the rest, and we have decided to offer that person the job". It is really a pain to be a little on the poor self-esteem side and not receive any response at all to the job applications you send out. Careful observers will note that it looks like I applied for the position of being a part-time ass. Well, there you go, no wonder I am not qualified. I am such a sweet thing.

I don't know for sure how I am going to get off this island of dystopia, don't know whether I will consider calling in professional help or if I will hit the pause button and get ready for lightening to strike. One thing is for sure, I am not in control.

While I was checking out the word dystopia, I thought of another "dys" word I'd heard, dysthymia. I like the way both those words roll off my tongue. Too bad they carry such negative weight. Check out the sentence in that second definition. I am quite sure my husband did not give them permission to quote him talking about me like that. At least I have an excuse for my bad mood, and I'd say it has only lasted about eleven years, not thirty. And I am not that irritable.

Main Entry:


Pronunciation: dis-'thI-mE-& Function: noun: a mood disorder characterized by chronic mildly depressed or irritable mood often accompanied by other symptoms (as eating and sleeping disturbances, fatigue, and poor self-esteem) called also dysthymic disorder

Source: Merriam-Webster Medical Dictionary, © 2002 Merriam-Webster, Inc.


n : mild chronic depression; "I thought she had just been in a bad mood for thirty years, but the doctor called it dysthymia" [syn: dysthymic depression]

Source: WordNet ® 2.0, © 2003 Princeton University


  1. I really love your artwork...I have a whole envelope of material that I want to collage but I NEVER make the time....You are very creative....but the position of ASS has been filled where I work ...sorry. Hang in !

  2. I'm a part time Ass. Occasionally full time. Once in a while I put in some overtime for the extra money.
    Great collage... and I hope you find a job soon where there aren't very many Asses and the Dystopia is at an all time low.

  3. can you get paid for being a part time ass??

    i too love your collages annie - very inspiring. and you seem to have forgotten your sun block and swim suit for your island vacation!

    if i were you i'd turn this island into a swiss family robinson tree fort and hang out in your hammock and enjoy your time off sipping drinks with tiny umbrellas!!

  4. oh - and i LOVE the title - i used to be like that in high school/college - where did that woman go??

  5. Thanks Seeker. I suppose I should get extra credit for being a creative ass!

    Bobbie, I asked Captainwow about that, being paid for being a part-time ass, but she has not told me yet about that.

    Captainwow, are you holding out? Do you want the market all to yourself? :)

  6. I like the title too, Annie. I'm glad you didn't get the part-time ass position. I hear its a dead-end job.


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