Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Show's Over Folks

If you'd stop by more often, ya wouldn't have missed it! Yes, my blog header was naked for a day or two. I've got the "plain Jane fig leaf header" back on (at least, I am pretty sure it is back on), covering the nakedness. Thank goodness, that was bugging me to death. I can be so persistent over the most insignificant of things.

Now I am thinking...hmmm...since I posted the header on the blog, would it work if I cut and paste the html from the post itself and insert the photo into the header that way? Seems like it would, but I am not in too big a hurry to start experimenting again. That last experience was kind of scary for my latent perfectionist side.

Aha! In theory, it does work! There's the picture, right there. Okay, I am going to think about it some more before I try again to change things around.

(But I think it will work!)


  1. Oh, I hope it works! That is a beautiful photo you've chosen for the header!

  2. i'm horrible at html, but i do recommend copying all of your template into wordpad and saving it before you make any changes - that way you can just recopy it if stuff doesn't work.

    the image is beautiful!

  3. oh, and if you do figure it out - would you tell me how?? :)

  4. Glad y'all liked it. The photo is one I took, back when I was thinking of changing the blog name to "Bayou Self", with a tagline of "musings from a semi-literate state!!

    I WILL eventually try to get it up there again. Good advice, Bobbie, about copying the template...I did that, but I can't find it, so I need to rememember to do it before I start this next round of tinkering!


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