Thursday, March 17, 2005

Web Surfing Nets Strange Finds...

(Or some might say I have too much time on my hands!)

It never ceases to amaze me, the things people choose to document on the web.

Check this out. This woman has built a church using 75,000 Lego™ blocks and approximately five months of her life. It is complete with a baptistry and filled with little Lego™ worshippers. There are even restrooms and a water fountain located on the walls leading up to the balcony! I looked at all the photos, and I found her construction log notes to be most intriguing, so much humor in her writing.

The web is a weird and wacky place. I feel right at home.


  1. I enjoyed reading your blog and looking at your photos, especially liked the quote collage.

    Thanks for sharing the Lego link. I had no idea people were doing things like that. I found it really interesting.

  2. i've seen this lego church before...and to be the yang to your yin, did you know that there is a website completely devoted to having lego people do unmentionable things? ::shudder:: is nothing sacred, even legos?

    you had to know that where there is an apparent good, evil cannot be so far behind...

  3. weird wild stuff.

  4. Hi... been lurking around and I found your post intresting thanks for sharing...

    It really sound weird hehe!

    Take care cheers!

  5. Dawn...Glad you like reading my blog. I am finally getting brave and following your lead by putting color in the backgrounds of my comp book journal! I always enjoy seeing your updates.

    m2...I guess I should not be surprised at the existence of the website with the Lego people doing unmentionable things.

    captainwow...Yep, whodathunkit? I consider myself a patient person, but I know I the first time one of those walls fell in, I would probably stomp all the little Legos to bits and throw them in the trash!

    Hi coffeecrumblesGlad you found the post interesting.


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