Saturday, May 28, 2005

The Eyes Have It

Connie, over at Dawsonwood, wrote today of lighting a 2000 year old lamp. I started thinking about light, how it sometimes comes and goes in our lives.

Friday morning, at my local grocery store, the manager was helping the cashier by bagging the groceries when he looked up at someone behind me and his face lit up and he said “well hey, boo, what you doin’ here?” And a voice answers, “buying diapers”. Then the manager hurriedly shoves the last item in my bag and practically runs in the direction of the voice from behind me, saying “hey, wait a minute, give her to me”. It did not take eyes in the back of my head for me to know the voice was holding the man’s granddaughter. I thought to myself, “self, there is sunshine everywhere you go, if you will just open your eyes and pay attention.”

I have seen the glow of this lamp, have felt its laser sharpness piercing my soul, boring through judgmental and sanctimonious parts of me. I have seen that light shine like a diamond, a small pinprick of brilliance bringing me hope when I thought all was darkness. I have basked in the full out brilliance of this light, squinted my eyes in the face of it, and I have bathed myself in its warmth.

This morning (again), I decided that every day, I will look for the light in that day, because always, ALWAYS, there is something to be grateful for, something to smile about. I have been looking too long at the empty half of the glass. I will look, and see, and appreciate the full half of the glass. Yes, I will.


  1. Aren't we both so punny??

    Those are my eyes at the top of the post, BTW. They are watching you!


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