Saturday, May 21, 2005

Playing Again

Altered collages from my journal...

I have a non-blogging friend I am trying to reconnect with, a full and busy life is the barrier, and I understand, but I grieve the loss none the less.

I want so badly to feel connected to others, and yet I keep a very wide protective space around myself.

Is a picture really worth a thousand words? Not in my book! However, words fail me right now, and so I resort to using pictures in an effort to keep my fragile blogdom connections intact.

I have been quietly reading your blogs, thanks to It's just that I am still trying to get myself adjusted to the loss of the 40 hours a week I now spend at work. I'll get my "sea legs" eventually!


  1. I have been quietly reading your blogs, thanks to Annie, I am a big fan of Bloglines. I log in every day, just like downloading my e-mail. I'm glad to see you've posted another entry and that the job hasn't completely absorbed you.

  2. i have missed you so much!!!

    miss you miss you miss you.

    how is everything? if you have a minute to spare, catch me up in an email, especially about your son.

    love ya annie :)

  3. There's Annie. You're back. Thanks for blogging again, and of course - you do whatever you need to do! The blog and blog readers - we'll be here. I hope you find connection with your friend in the midst of the busy time!

  4. i like your blog very much, as a not too distant inhabitant of the south, I can really relate to your story lines and the whole dad burn thought processes that happen 'roun hea'

  5. Oh, good to hear from you, Annie! I love the header, and yes -- want to know how you did it! (Going to sneak over and check out your code now, but may need a better explanation!) Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Love this. Pictures are better than words sometimes, especially when words and prayers are groans. Blessings,

  7. i was just thinking about what happened to ya. glad youre back

  8. Elsi Good to see you here. I have been looking at your book blog for reading ideas, having recently restored my library card privileges!

    penni I am going to email you, one of these days! Son is doing well, at the moment.

    Captainwow It is so much fun to be back.

    Ayekah Thanks, ayekah! It is always good to know when someone else relates to my dad burn thought processes!

    Linda Holler if you need more explanation, it was really a hit and miss proposition, and I am still not totally satisied with the gap between the photo and the blog column...don't know how to fix that though.

    Connie When you put it this way "Pictures are better than words sometimes, especially when words and prayers are groans", I totally agree.

    k8 I been around! Like the blog header? It only took me 14 hours to get it right (just kidding). It was kind of a pain in the fanny, getting the size like I wanted it.


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