Sunday, November 06, 2005

Creative Day

I've been working on a journal for a friend. Maybe I'll change the name of the journals from "Butt-Ugly Journals" to "Annie's Oddflower Journals".


  1. Wow. Two sustaining thoughts to carry me through the day. Your friend is lucky.

  2. oh yes, you can be proud to put your name on these.
    Butt Ugly? No way! :o)

  3. oh oh oh Annie I love these
    esp the one with the clouds and five words

    you are a talented woman of God, and His hand is on yours as you create - we can see His beautfy and be touched by it as we drink in the goodness as we look, and breathe

    be blessed :)

  4. lovely; i am sure your friend will be thrilled with the end product and probably can't wait to get her hands on it!!

    i know i adore mine. there is such a strong, feminine without being feminist vibe to it. i couldn't be more blessed.

    you need to find an agent and market these. maybe cafepress could be a start? and be sure to CHARGE ENOUGH :)

    love ya.

  5. Thanks Lorna and Penni. Thet are fun to do.

  6. They,I meant to type "they"!!

  7. I agree with M2. Your creative art is marketable indeed. Get an agent.


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