Saturday, November 12, 2005


ru·mi·na·tionPronunciation: "rü-m&-'nA-sh&n Function: noun: the act or process of ruminating:
a : the act or process of regurgitating and chewing again previously swallowed food
b : obsessive or abnormal reflection upon an idea or deliberation over a choice

This is me, metaphorically speaking --

Annie Oddflower

Outstanding In Her Field
Heifer Division
World Class Ruminator

(That’s what the trophy would say, if they gave trophies for such a thing.)

I took two cow portraits on my photo excursion to Pecan Island before the storm, and I love them both. But thanks to Rita, Pecan Island is not the same as it was when I took these photos (no one lives there anymore). I don’t know if this heifer survived the storm. And that makes me sad.

I’ve been ruminating too much lately, contemplating dead cows, wayward children, going back to school, running away, loss, and, to quote the definition above, I’ve just been “generally obsessive” and guilty of too much “abnormal reflection upon an idea or deliberation over a choice”.

It’s tough, being a person who thinks too much and does too little.


  1. I'm a ruminator, too, Annie- in fact, my whole family is... so it comes natural to me. Plus, my husband is a ruminator- ack... if one didn't feel so helpless and powerless to do something most of the time, all that ruminating would come to fruition- that would be great...

  2. It seems to me that there is need to remember that what you are "ruminating" on, in one way or another, is also feeding you. The question, then, is merely whether what you are digesting is good food or something else that will possibly upset gastral tract......

  3. Ditto for me............The Princess of Rumination..........I do know when to swallow though, now, only after years of self torture.........concert was great Annie, hope to have pix on my blog within the next couple days.

  4. What a clever woman you are Annie! It is because you are too clever by half that you can spend so much time ruminating. At least when you get to swallowing that cud, no one will ever be able to say you didn't think things over thoroughly enough beforehand.


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