Sunday, February 26, 2006

Away From My Desk

I'm taking some time away from the computer. Most likely I will be gone until after Easter. I will be using the time I gain to get my house in order, literally, and, I hope, spiritually. There has been a lot of stress in the last few years, and much of it seems ongoing. My family is suffering and there is not a whole lot I can do. Maybe the most loving thing I can do is try to get our home in order. I've just let it go right down the toilet, so to speak.

Rita may have left the building, but her handiwork abounds-- a one-woman art show, testimony to the power of nature. We can't forget her, there are reminders everywhere. And I know it weighs heavily on all of us in the area. I can't do much about the various devastations that dot the landscape of the world outside my home. But being surrounded by so much disorder outside our home makes it all the more important that I find a way to create a sanctuary within our home.

I have always loved the shape of this little church, though I also judge it to be highly impractical. I'd like to peek inside and see how the peak of the ceiling looks. It must be different now, worshipping without the light shining through the glass that was once there. I think it mught have been a large stained glass piece, which would have made for such interesting reflections in the sanctuary (the kind of thing that would distract me from the sermon!) .

That is why I have to take some time away from the computer. I get too distracted by all the reflections.

So, I'll be back. Mardi Gras is winding down around here.

If I make it to the parades I will post photos (if I can get them uploaded. I have had some trouble with the card, or the cord, or something). This year, for the first time, there will be a "Red Hat" parade, which should provide many unique observations (and I can talk freely about them, since I am now old enough to be a red hatter!)


  1. I remember several years ago my computer crashed. We ended up being without one for about 3 months, and I was astounded at how much time I had been spending on the thing. We all need to take some time away to check our perspective -- then schedule at least one day a week off of the thing! Hope all goes well with you (and I'll be back looking for parade photos -- gotta see how many butts you get on this one!)

  2. Hi, Annie. I just wanted to let you know that I have been reading The Meaning of Persons and it has been quite instructive. Thanks for the suggestion. I will be thinking about you as you are away.

  3. Linda I imagine I will be surprised at the amount of "found" time on my hands as well. We'll see what turns up on the parade route! I'll check your watercolors as soon as I get back!

    David Thanks. I hope maybe you'll want to elaborate more on The Meaning of Persons when you have finished reading it. I will appreciate your thoughts. And I will check to see what new whazzats (sp?) you have posted while I am gone (the good thing will be that I won't have to wait for the answers...I can just scroll through and find them...hee hee hee!

  4. Hey King Cake!! yumba! my copy of m.o.p is lost somewhere in amazon hades.........I respect you for taking a break from the distractions of the computer. And restoring your home to order. There is something cathartic about doing that. Although I will miss you......enough said.....for now

  5. Annie, I'm currently pondering the same decision. I've been here before, though, and usually just work through it. You're one of my favorite reads, though, and I am hoping this will be merely a short time-out. Peace, my friend.....

  6. Ayekah-- I hope your copy of M.O.P. arrives soon. I'd loan you mine but I was advised not to!

    Jim-- Thanks. I too am hoping it will be a short (and productive) time-out.

  7. since I am not opposed to cruel and unusual I have tagged you for a meme, however I also gave you room to beg off since Ash Weds approacheth!

  8. In the beginning, the world was without shape and empty. Darkness was everywhere.

    Remember in this Lenten re-ordering how much creativity came out of chaos.

    Personally, I find it hard to imagine a more creative you, but one of my prayers for you is that you will, as you sort and order, find a creative outlet in the process. And then, that this will be cleansing and refreshing, rather than a task to get through. Tossing old stuff out can be painful, but it seems to me it is somewhat like the editing process, as valuable to writing as putting the words on the page.

  9. Annie,
    Your departure is understandable; you have to balance your family out, and that is more important than anything else! However, if you need to vent, know that I'm here for you (I'm sure you have more than an ample supply of shoulders to lean). Contact me at if you feel like talking.

    I have to break for a few weeks too, Ive got a mid term exam coming up that I need to pas in order to do my clinicals.

  10. Annie
    You will be missed and yet I agree that this is matter of obedience.

    Tomorrow I do penance and clean our house (grin) we weren't affected by Rita ofcourse, but it's as if a whirlwind has hit us and I need to take action.

    I'll be praying over each room as I go round. I did this with a sense of urgencey between Christmad and new year, now I'm doing it with a sense of peace. Blessing God's presence in each room and thanking Him for all He's done and will do.

    I'm sure there will be some withdrawal symptoms from blogging for a few days - like any fast the enemy will try to get you off track - but I pray this lent will be a really special time of one-ness with Him

    Be blessed

  11. Ayekah -- I am indeed going to beg off!~

    Connie -- "Cleansing and refreshing" --I'll try to paste those words in my brain! And the metaphor of an editing process in also very fitting. Thank you so much.

    Steve I appreciate your offer to vent. It means a lot to me to know there are shoulders to lean on. I hope to do my darndest to use even my desire to vent as inspiration to do something concrete around this house! Good luck to you on the upcoming mid-term exams. I'll be checking in to see how they went when I get back.

  12. Hi Lorna -- We must have cross-posted! Thank you for your prayers. I think that is one reason I am being so public with what I am doing, it helps to give me a stronger sense of accountability.

  13. We'll miss you while you're gone. And we'll be thrilled when you return. Best of luck!

  14. SpookyRach -- Thanks so much. (I got some bootylicious shots of the parade, and figured out my camera problem. Hope to post them tonight.)

  15. Annie- I know I'm late with this, but time really does heal things. I am glad you are listening to what you feel you need to do right now. You are wonderful...

  16. Regina Clare Jane Thanks. Look at me, I am late too! Wanted to post the Marid Gras parade pics and get that over with, so I would have no excuse to get on the computer tomorrow! I'll check your blog when I get back.


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