Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Tell Me What You See (Please)

I saw this first on
Spooky Rach's blog, and then on The Princess' blog. I first heard of the Johari Window (you can click on "JM" in the index box on the left hand side for a summary of the Johari Window) several years ago and I found it to be an interesting concept. If you would, I am asking you to follow this link (I've had trouble getting the correct link in here, mine should say "annie o") and pick five or six traits that you think apply to me. You can sign your self as anonymous if you'd like.

Here is the twist: I have sent a separate window link out to a few friends and family members. I think it will be fun to compare the results of the two windows. If you will oblige me, I would be ever so grateful, and I will probably post the results at a later date.

I fully expect that there will be discrepancies in my windows. What did they call that in Science class? A hypothesis. I am not sure why I expect discrepancies, but I do.

More later (and thanks for playing along).


  1. I'm anxious to see how this comes out. good luck!

  2. I'm game........and I left you a piccie.....

  3. well, so much for that, it said "server overload, try again later"'s like playing magic eight ball......"yes, no maybe, ask again later........"....will keep trying.

  4. Rach, thanks!

    ayekah, It does that occasionally, plus I have seen in on several blogs today, so I am sure it is busy. Do try again, ok?
    I loved the piccies!

  5. I did it! That was quite interesting!

  6. Hey, that was great fun! Humble thanks for the picture compliments!

  7. So have you tried out the NOHARI window?


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