Friday, February 10, 2006

Happy Birthday Granny

These are a few of my grandmother's spoons.

She would have been ninety years old today.
I think she was poor all her life, but she always had enough.
She taught me to quilt.
She cooked biscuits and cornbread on a wood stove,
even after she had a gas stove.
That's her front door in my blog profile photo.
She was a strong woman.
At the end of her life,
she did not know who I was.
I was surprised at how much that hurt,
not being known by your own grandmother.
She liked to ask (nosy) questions when she already knew the answers.
I liked to tease her, saying
if you already know the answer,
why do you ask the question?"
She would just giggle at me.
Her middle name was Elzeral,
but nobody knows for sure how to spell it.
She was a simple woman,
she was a good woman.

(modeled after the stories found on Story People, many thanks to Ayekah, for introducing me to these charming stories.)


  1. Happy Birthday to Granny too...she's still cooking cornbread on that woodstove girl, she's just doin' it somewhere favorite story is flying naked with Jesus, be sure and see that quilt??? get out!! Me too!!
    I like the picture.....she looks happy and content. Ihave my granny's fork. It's a cherished possession

  2. I realized why she looks happy..she's feeding the chickens.. I miss my farm.....

  3. I love the spoons picture- when my mother's mom passed away and was replaced rather quickly with a step-mother, the step-mom proceeded to throw out everything that belonged to my grandmother. My mom grabbed what she could and one of the things she grabbed was my grandmom's favorite spoon...

  4. love this.
    Happiness is a flock of chickens.
    it's true, I think. :o)

  5. I love that picture! I miss my grandparents terribly; My Grandmother had the chance to see me get married and "grow up", but the last time my Grandfather really saw me, I was a common thug, hanging out with shifty people, partyuing, wasting my life away. It always has made me sad he never got to see how much he influenced me in the end. I have his watch, and I wore it to my wedding, the christenings of my sons, and any other important family function. He was a good man, and I really miss him.


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