Sunday, April 30, 2006

Mindy's Memorial Cow Design Contest

For The Princess of Everything (and Then Some), who has instigated a memorial cow design contest. I actually have two designs. I misunderstood her intentions. I thought when she said memorial, she meant posthumous memorializing so I first designed a lovely headstone for her. "My bad" as the teen-agers say.

It is with Mindy's permission (she practically begged me!) that I post my proposed tombstone design for her. Astute readers will recognize part of the epitaph comes from a tombstone I blogged about not too long ago...


  1. Oh Annie....I love them both!

    I was blown away by the tombstone and I love it. It actually made me cry in a VERY good way.

    And I LOVE the jellybeans at my feet!

    You are awesome!

  2. Thank you for your comment.

    What a fun blog you have here!

  3. Princess-- Thanks! I am so glad you liked them both, but I did not want to make you cry. I guess if I had to make you cry, it is good that it was in a good way! I am thrilled that you recognized the jelly beans, I was not real sure about them.

    CS-- Thank you.

  4. ~applauds~
    I'm VERY impressed with your computer prowess. The tombstone is awesome and so is the cow. Great job!

  5. oh that is a total never cease to amaze me with your talents.....see there's a second half of life career there.....designing tombstones for those with discriminating taste!
    PS......hey is that handicapped thing for me?

  6. Thanks, y'all.

    Rach,I am glad you deemed it COOL!, being as you are the tombstone conneseur (I know I did not spell that right!) that you are!

    GQ, I must admit, I too love that cow picture. I wish I had taken more that day.

    Oh Ayekah, I am sorry to disappoint you, but I read on blog news that everybody has one of those handicapped things now. They said there were too many people who were having trouble reading the little letters in the word verification thing. Did you try it yet? I have not.

  7. this is WONDEFUL -esp the tombstone. You are one talented lady with a GREAT sense of humour


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