Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Where Once There Were Trees

Now there is light.

(A little bit of background: The first two photos are of my parents' front yard. The tree that stood in front of the green trellis was a large oak. We posed the kids in front of it for Christmas photos. The dark shadow on the ground is from the only tree left standing in the front yard, an old cedar tree. The tree that stood where the clay pot sticks up out of the ground in the second photo was some sort of beech.

The last two photos are from my yard. Two cedars were removed, one from behind the fence, the other from directly behind where I am standing to take the photo. The shadow of the cedar tree blocked the view of the shadows on the fence.)

After the storm.

Now there is a green lattice wall with rose bushes waiting to bloom.

The clay pot sticking up out of the ground marks the spot where the beech tree stood. Now there is the play of sunshine and shadow on a mismatched fence.

Now the photographer knows there are things that can never be reclaimed after a storm. Sometimes one has to salvage what is left and walk on.


  1. I love reading your thoughts about the storm and seeing all your wonderful photos!

  2. Thank you Linda. It has certainly been an odd thing to live through...and the season begins again in June...

  3. Walk On, indeed, the tune is running through my head........


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