Thursday, July 27, 2006


The top photo was altered in Photoshop. The bottom photo was attacked with a bleach pen (thus explaining the white spot), a Sharpie and a ten penny nail. Now, looking at these photos, I have this brilliant idea that it would have been good to take away my head and put something weird in its place! Hmm, I may have to try that.


  1. Would it be nice if we could alter our real life experiences that easily.

    *holding your hand*

  2. oh boy, those came out so are the photomaster supreme, I bow to you!!
    p.s. why do I always get the longest word verification??? There must be 12 letters to type in......I know, quit gripping.....

  3. Oh, wow! These are both great! (and who would have thought about using a bleach pen! You rock!)

  4. Many thanks, ladies! Neither project is that complicated, nor that outstanding, but I am glad y'all liked them!

    Princess, I originally ended the post with the sentence "I wish I could alter my life as easily as I altered these photos"! But I took it out because I thought it sounded too self pitying!

  5. Hey, Annie, I been bad and missed some time coming here. So, Yeah, I liked the composite and maybe something fun instead of the head might be a good idea. Just don't get carried away with the "excising" and cut too much. You are all good.


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