Sunday, July 30, 2006

Back in the Water -- Relapse

It's very frustrating, and downright scary, the depth of my son's problem. He knows the power of the grip his addiction has on him, and he is hopeless right now. He cannot believe that there is a way through this for him. He wants to lay down and give up.

He is in Houston right now, where he knows no one but family, at an aunt's house, away from the tempation, at least, for the moment. My aunt has been talking to a church that has a ministry to help addicts. We are hoping/praying that my son will at least talk to this man who has been through these waters and has made it out to the other side.


  1. Oh this is so hard, isn't it? I remember watching my nephew go through this (although his was more a matter of stupidity than of hard core addiction)and it is just beyond heart breaking.

    Your son is still in my prayers, Annie, as is the rest of your family. I can't imagine a more horrific thing to watch a child go through than this but I do believe if there is any power that can overcome addiction, it is the truth and light of Jesus Christ. At least your son has that...

  2. It sounds to me like God has maneuvered him to a possible point of connection. We'll continue to "lift him up" with you in prayer, my friend......

  3. my prayers too, annie; mine too.

    ~sigh~ i wish i could be there with a hug and a cup of tea....

  4. Annie, I needed the scripture on fear. I'm having a stressful time right now. Thank you. I continue to pray for you and your son.

  5. Annie,

    Something inside of me is wanting to encourage you to look up Freddie Garcia's people at Victory Temple. Freddie may have gone on to be with the Lord but his work with addicts lives on through thousands of men and women in Victory Temple churches all around the world. I would not know where in Houston to go, but Freddie planted the first Victory Temple in San Antonio after being delivered from heroine. There is an entire movement down there dedicated to nothing but seeing people through this kind of thing. My prayers are with you my sister.

  6. Wow, Annie ... my thoughts are prayers are with you all.

  7. Thanks to each of you for the encouragement and the prayers.

    Patti, I am glad the scripture on fear was a helpful one for you.

    Anonymous, I am checking out the Victory Temple links. Thanks for suggesting them.

    It is very hard, watching him flounder, and very difficult to know what will be most helpful for him.


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