Saturday, December 16, 2006

I Swear, Gladys, The Young People These Days!

You're gonna either love this, or you're gonna think I have flipped my ever-loving mind. I'm really not a "with-it" kind of woman when it comes to young people's music (horrors!). I much prefer my oldies! But I have heard of the band Cold Play, and somewhere along the line, I have heard their version of this song* (I may live in medium-town Louisiana, but I don't live totally under a rock!). I've watched this video several times and something about it moves me every time.

This is part of the explanatory blurb from the group's website: The current performers in
Young at Heart range in age from 73 to 92. There are some with prior professional theater or music experience, others who have performed extensively on the amateur level, and some who never stepped onto a stage before turning eighty. None of the current performers of Y@H were part of the original group that formed in 1982, but they have kept alive the spirit of the early pioneers and continue to push the group into glorious new directions.

*UPDATE: I have since learned that it was the very cool Ayekah who sent me the link to Cold Play's original version of this song.


  1. wonderful. I'm glad you posted this.

    Just to tell you how NOt With It I am.... I've never heard ColdPlays version of this song and I only heard about Coldplay last year for the first time. heh.

    I'm way out of the pop culture loop and I'm perfectly fine with that.

  2. Wonderful song. I've heard of Coldplay, but couldn't tell you anything they sing.

    This is great, even though the word verification is boohzz. (No kidding - boohzz!!)

  3. Wow. Maybe it's just my hormones, maybe I'm just getting so damn old, but this just killed me. This old guy just tears me up.

    I am such a big baby....

    Thanks for sharing this. I hadn't heard of this 'Young At Heart' group, though I love Coldplay. Does that make me 'with it'? Even though I cry when old men sing?

  4. Well, I never thought of myself as cool, so I thank you for that...although that's like backwater calling the swamp civilized....LOL just kidding...Thank you for posting this on your blog, it is awesome. And I hope lots of folks see it and give it a listen. It is so worthy of a listen, not as much for the song but the singers themselves. AND...I think you should post the Schizophrenia video too. That one has a catchy beat to it!! I say hooray for these seniors!!

  5. With tears in my eyes, Thank you.



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