Friday, December 01, 2006

Caribbean Cemeteries

I am in a slump of sorts. I can't seem to think of anything of substance to write about so here are more pictures.

Though I am somewhat like my mother who loves to peruse old cemeteries, it was SpookyRach over at
Skewed View, who influenced my fascination with taking cemetery photos. Here are a few from cemeteries on Barbados and one from St. Lucia...

I did not hear nature stand up and say anything at all to the world, frankly, but I do sometimes wish my own elements were a little better mixed.

You go down steps to get to the door of this vault. I don't kn0w why I did not think to get a photo of the steps themselves (probably because I was worried about hurrying up and getting back to the bus, because the driver make it quite clear he had no qualms about leaving us if we were late.)

This door looks mighty thin to get a casket through. Notice the ocean in the background. They have a lovely view!

The pink and black theme of this one reminds me of a fifties kitchen or bathroom!


  1. Really cool photos, annie! I love the downstairs vault. I've never seen one like that.

  2. That mixture of the elements thing is kind of cool too. Gonna have to ponder it.

  3. I love that tombstone! How prophetic!

  4. It's not something I do often, but I do love to wander through such cemetaries and read the tombstones. There's a small one out behind a church not too far from here where I found clusters from several families who all died the same year. Some sort of illness, no doubt, with no cure at the time. Some have epitaphs, but none as humerous as the few I once read in Readers Digest. Excuse, please, if I've introduced you to this one before: "Sacred to the memory of Elijah Philbrook and his wife, Sarah......Here beneath this stone doth lie, back to back my wife and I, when the last trumpet the earth shall fill, if she gets up...I'll just lie still!" Now that's really till death do we "part"......

  5. the vaults are kind of spooky looking. Egads!

  6. Thanks Rach, I liked them too and I still wish I'd gotten photos of the steps and maybe walked down there to the doors.

    Jules I never really thought of it as being prophetic.

    Jim That is a pretty sad spot to be in. Unfortunately I have known a few couples like that, where I thought "Hmmm, Heaven is going to have to be mighty big to house those two"!

    Ayekah Yeah, they were a little spooky looking. That may be why I did not go down the steps. Did not want to take a chance on the door opening and getting sucked on in there!

  7. I love cemeteries, dont know why, but I've always loved them. When I lived in charleston, I used to wander around the old delapitated ones there, where everyone died of yellow fever 300 years ago, etc.

    I've always had a desire to go visit the jewish cemeteries of Prague; ever seen pics? Very different, graves are almost on top of each other, moreso than the ones in N.O.

    Sorry I havent been by to say hello, happy Halloween/Veterans day/Thanksgiving or Merry christmas, work has been demanding lately.

    much Love always

  8. Steve Good to see you around here again! I kind of figured your work was getting hectic. I still pop in over at your place via Bloglines, I'm just a quiet lurker!

    Ditto to you about the holidays. Hope that Christmas will be a peaceful one for you and yours.


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