Saturday, December 02, 2006

My Sister & I on Thanksgiving Day

(I am not that short, she is just tall. What can I say? She ate dirt as a kid, I did not, and it obviously stunted my growth!)

She lives within walking distance of Galveston Bay. I was taking photos of my youngest daughter and her boyfriend and asked youngest to get a photo of my sister and I. The original photo had trees and a handicapped parking sign that I edited out. I was thinking of doing something with this for her for Christmas or her February birthday (my mom would probably like one too. Hmmm, two gifts with one stone. That's always a bargain!), but when I printed it, I saw that I did not leave enough border on the edges and the type runs too close to the edges. So that means if I am going to print the darn thing, I will have to do all the Photoshop work over again, once again taking out those silly background distractions, which is a tedious job. Yeah, well, I will get it done right, eventually. But probably not while it is still called Today.

However, that is one of my hopes for the year to come, to be more aware of the value of each "Today" and to use them more fully, whatever my circumstances are. I have fallen into a bad habit of "waa-waa-ing" and have been letting too many days slip through my fingers. Since the majority of my days have already been spent, I would like to use the rest of them to the fullest degree possible.

Today. Right now. Right this instant. It is all we really have.


  1. So true, Annie.
    I have been to Galveston- we did a class at the hosptial there. I thought the bay was pretty.
    I like your picture, too.

  2. She is tall...and you are NOT short! I like the picture and verse and think it would make a great gift. Daughter did a nice job with picture and you are a great editor!
    Hey, I dig your labels by the way!

  3. Thanks Regina. The bay is pretty, for what it is (yucky brown water, not pretty blue, like parts of Florida and the Islands!). Galveston is a nice place to visit.

    Thanks Patti.

    Ayeakah Yeah, she is six foot two. Glad you liked the pic and the verse. And also glad you are amused with the label system! Now I just have to go back through and label all the older stuff. It is a nice feature to have.

  4. I love the picture, Annie, and wish only I had on similar of me and my brother. He was; and he was not. Opportunity missed again. Is there any other way to so "capture" time that speaks to the heart as well as pictures.....

  5. You got that right.

    Love the picture!

  6. Wonderful picture. I reeeaaallly love Galveston. (Might be goin' there this summer. I'm just sayin'...)

    This verse is a great one to.

  7. Nice pic. Tells a great story. Good choice of words, as well...

    I like your thoughts, your encouragement that we make the most of what we have. Too much time slips through my fingers. The older I get, the more I cherish each moment - and the faster it seems to fly by. One look at my teenaged daughters is a quick reminder...

    Be blessed today...

  8. Lorna I always enjoy reading what you have to say.

    Jim I know that longing to have more of loved ones gone on...

    Jules Thank you ma'am!

    Spooky Thanks! If you make it to Galveston this summer and you can squeeze in time for a visit, I'd love to come meet you!

    Beth Thanks for your encouragement. Yes, the children, they do grow up too fast, don't they?

  9. I am blog hopping this evening. I have never peeked at yours before now. What a surprise to find your sister is near where I grew up; only I was slightly closer to Houston (ick gag spit)!! What a small small world it truly is. I spent many many days during the summers in Galveston and miss it tremendously. They used to have trolley tours there. Several years ago the city of Galveston sold them. To Albuquerque! They are currently running around downtown. That was the coolest thing for me; I loved the trolleys, and now I can ride them again.

  10. Hi Flutterby I'm glad you stopped by! We lived in the Clear Lake area for ten years. My sister moved to Houston after we had moved back home.

    How cool that the trolleys are now close to you again!


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