Saturday, November 25, 2006

Red Was the Theme of the Day

Hubby had to go to Natchitoches last Saturday for work and my youngest daughter and I tagged along. The downtown area was crowded with folks coming in to watch the "Flipping of the Switch" ceremony that evening. Natchitoches is known for their Festival of Lights. We did not stay for the lighting ceremony but I hope to return and see all the lights sometime before Christmas.

Daughter and I took a carriage ride around the town.

Everywhere we went, we saw evidence of this woman's wedding. First we saw her riding alone in a white carriage, later we saw her riding with her groom (after the wedding, apparently). Here she is at the church with part of her wedding party. They certainly made a day of it. As we were leaving, the girls were loaded up in the carriage to take a ride, but the horse was skiddish so the girls had to be taken out. And the horse was taken back to the barn because they could not figure out what his problem was.

And of course, Santas were everywhere. I could have at least changed my angle of view so this one would not be stuck with a tree growing out of his head! I was inside an old hardware store and I was not sure they would appreciate me taking photos so I was snapping quickly.

This guy looks like he is rubbing his old tired knee.

My parents had an old (putrid) green Dodge that had fins like this '57 Chevy. I think there are still parts of it left in the woods out by my uncle's house in rural Lousisiana. By the time they were done driving the car there was a hole rusting out in the floorboard of the back seat area.

Finally, I like this one, even though the red is not as obvious as some of the other photos. You can see the reflections of me and my daughter on each side of the red plate (I am the shorter one!). The name of the store, the sentiment expressed, Merci Beaucoup, means thank you very much, or many thanks. For a long while my attitude of Merci Beaucoup was in very short supply. I want to remember to be grateful for the blessings of life. An "attitude of gratitude" really does make a difference, and I believe one can always find something to be grateful for.


  1. What an adventurous day you had!

  2. Jules It was a fun day. I know I sure need to get out more often!

  3. I really like the new look of your blog - excellent choice! And I'm doubly glad to see you posting again and read the updates on your life....

    Be blessed today!

  4. Beth I'm glad you like the new look. That is a fun option to play around with.

  5. I just clicked this from your tag list because I love Texas. What a wonderful post to sample!


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